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S. No. Company/Client RO Capacity (gallons) RO type
1. Lucky Energy 25,000 Brackish Water
2. Rasheed Re-Rolling Mills 20,000 Sea Water
3. Faraz Industries 30,000 Brackish Water
4. Faraz Industries 70,000 Brackish Water
5. Denim International 100,000 Brackish Water
6. Denim International 100,000 Brackish Water
7. Agha Steel 10,000 Sea Water
8. Agha Steel 100,000 Brackish Water
9. Paragon Construction 8,000 Brackish Water

Industrial RO Plant

Good volume of water supply is essential for most industries. However there is extreme shortage of water supply for domestic, commercial and industrial users. This extreme shortage is fulfilled by supply through tankers. This is extremely expensive and puts a lot of burden on the industry resulting in high cost of manufactured material.

Another option is bore-wells. Quantity and quality of water is unpredictable. If the eater has high TDS then RO is required to make it useful for particular purpose.

Initial cost of RO plant is high and businessmen consider it additional investment which is not directly productive.

At WATERLOO we provide solutions for all problems. We can do boring at the required depth. Depending on the extracted water, we then prepare RO plant for desired volume of the client.

The client has to bear cost of bore-well/s. We prepare, install and manage RO plant/s in the premises of industry, saving initial investment of the client. At the same time RO water it is cheaper than tanker water supplies. The industry gets required quantity of water at an affordable price.

RO System for Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutics is a sensitive industry. Also it is one of the oldest consumers of reclaimed water. Thus, undoubtedly, water is an essential component used in the pharmaceutical industry. Hence treating water before their use for pharmaceutical applications is a much needed step so that high quality and pure water can be further utilized for the production of tablets, syrups and most importantly washing the tools and utensils used in pharmaceutical procedures. The Waterloo Company has designed special Reverse Osmosis systems for pharmaceutical industry with the goal of removing residual organic contaminants present in water.

The Waterloo Company follows a simple yet accurate process to achieve this goal. The water is first passed through the Reverse Osmosis Systems with cat-ion and an-ion exchanger. After this it travels through the Mix Bed Unit which allows production of < 2 conductivity water. The water is then passed through 1 & 0.2 micron cartridge filter for further purification. At last, the water being treated is passed through the UV Filtration system and is stored in the Closed Loop Tank to preserve it the way it is.

The complete Reverse Osmosis system uses FRP and stainless steel only with pressure gauges, pressure switches and safety features incorporated with electric control panel.

One of the key challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry is water reuse and water purification hence there is a need to set the scenario right. The Waterloo Company provides complete solution for water treatment as per the tailor made requirements. We understand that some industrial applications require very low saline content in the water. Our Reverse Osmosis systems are water treatment plants that are designed to carry out all procedures accordingly.